Avni Conference, Goa, January 2023

January 19, 2023 by Achala Belokar

This blogpost covers the entire Avni conference in Goa, Jan 2023.

Everybody says Goa plans always fail but my team is different. We had planned our workation in Goa and successfully executed it. It was held between 12th jan to 16th jan.

I started my journey on the 11th night, and reached Goa the next day at 2pm. The journey was so hectic but excitement was high to meet my team after 6 months, and there were some team members who I’m going to see for the first time.

Mahalakshmi and Nupoor arrived one day before us .They were posting pictures of the resort and I was seeing those pictures and planning how we would enjoy our workcation

First day

Everybody was tired but enthusiastic. We discussed and planned for our next 4 days, we planned for the work and the fun as well.

varca le palms first group discussion
Varca Le Palms, first team discussion. Picture Courtesy : Nupoor Khandelwal

After work we took a short walk along the beach to calm our heads, White sand beach of Goa was the perfect place for this walk.

varca beach sunset group photo
Varca Le Palms, Avni team group photo during sunset on the beach. Picture Courtesy : Nupoor Khandelwal

Second day

Day 2 was a dream come true moment for me . Seeing and working with very people who I see only through skype/zoom. We went through the implementation walkthrough, different discussions ,feedback and lastly a lot of gossip.

avni conference planning
Varca Le Palms, Avni team conference planning.

avni beach photo with joy
Varca Le Palms, Avni team group photo on beach with Joy. Picture Courtesy : Sachin Kadam

Viewing a sunset along with colleagues was a mandatory activity for us. We also welcomed JOY newest member who will join Avni next month.

Third Day

Maha was planning to do a retrospective meeting for the last 2 weeks.

The retrospective covered how we had been working as a team for the past few months, things that are going well and things that need improvement. A bunch of action items were discovered that we vowed to implement once we get back to regular work. In the evening, Utkarsh and I started planning for next day's events where Noopur and Sachin went out to bring us some Goa vibes shirts.

avni 2022 retro
Avni Retrospective discussion for 2022. Picture Courtesy : Mohammad Taqi

Some NGO people joined us at night . Informal introductions were done, where each one in the group stated their name, related organisation name and a funny incident from their life.

avni informal discussion
Informal Beach side, late-night chat. Picture Courtesy : Sachin Kadam

Fourth Day

In Morning we started our day with Arjun who gave the board level context about Avni and Samanvay. After that some NGO talks about how they use Avni. Vinay gave the context about new features that we released in 2022 and how these features would be helpful to those people.

Avni 2022 Features list:

  • Drafts-AutoSave
  • Grouped Form Element - Tabular view
  • Repeatable Question group form element
  • Background colour for group form element
  • Documentation - with coloured text
  • WYSIWYG Documentation editor
  • Timed Form Elements
  • Custom menu-item
  • Change in password policy

avni conference introduction
Avni conference opening ceremony, words of wisdom by Arjun. Picture Courtesy : Sachin Kadam

Last Day

The day started with NGO talk and after that Vinay and Arjun shared a roadmap of 2023. Discussed how we can improve our app and performance. They share their point of view with us.

avni data api discussion
Some super technical things. Picture Courtesy : Sachin Kadam

Lastly It was a nice experience for all of us.Collected a lot of memories from this sprint. And meet a lot of people.

avni tshirt group photo
Teams Avni, Glific and our partner NGOs at Varca Le Palms

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