Avni Conference, Goa, January 2023 - Day 2

January 13, 2023 by Mohammed Taqi Afsar

In this blog, we have covered the happenings of the second day of the Avni Conference at Goa, January 2023.

End of day 1

After having a tiring day from a lot of travelling, catching up with the entire team, somewhat working and having a lot of fun, the first day came to an end in the blink of an eye.

varca beach sunset group photo

Sunset by the sea

Start of day 2 :)

The second day started at 6am in the morning, followed by a half an hour run in the beach until the sunrise. And right when I was about to rest, my colleagues, mainly named Vinay, Arjun, Sachin and Beulah, dragged me into the sea.

They dragged me so further into the sea, that there was a point when the waves started slapping me(Literally, and I started fighting them back 😈😈). I was so scared since I didn't know how to swim, but the folks decided not to let me go by holding my hands, and I gained only so much courage that I went with the flow.

restaurant view

View from the restaurant


Soon after a healthy breakfast, some milkshake and a lot of enthusiasm with the best way to start a day, all the folks gathered around in a common hall to discuss and plan for the day to be as productive and fun.



Productive part of the day

Most of the day was spent talking, discussing and having healthy arguments on various implementations through walkthroughs (A fun session indeed). We even had a walkthrough on the new reporting system(superset) that we are working on.

impl superset

Demo on superset

6 pm

And right when the clock said 6, I ran towards the beach to have a look at the sunset.



The beauty captured through my eyes, can never be explained in the photo.

After having an overwhelming dinner, lots of pastries and ice-cream, we ended our day by playing "Mafia" right under the moonlight, under the trees, surrounded by greenery and the crashing sounds of waves, the day finally came to an end by me losing the game. (Which is not so bad for such a beautiful day)

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