Avni Conference, Goa, January 2023 - Day 3

January 14, 2023 by Vinay Venu

In this blog, we have covered the happenings of the third day of the Avni Conference at Goa, January 2023.

This is the last day the Avni team has for itself, and there is quite a lot to do. This is the second day, and I had blisters in my leg after a bare-foot run in the beach the previous day. I was not sure if I could get a run in today, but Taqi was insistent. We ended up running for about 10 minutes. Playing in the water was mandatory, and we didn't want to miss it. It is the best way to start a day in Goa.

Implementation walkthroughs

We started at 9:00 am with a lot of packed sessions. There were implementation walkthroughs pending from the previous day, and we spent about two and a half hours talking about implementations involving community health programs. Arjun ran this round of discussions. implementation walkthrough

Implementation walkthrough

Team retrospective

After this, we did a team retrospective that stretched through lunch and beyond. The retrospective covered how we had been working as a team for the past few months, things that are going well and things that need improvement. A bunch of action items were discovered that we vowed to implement once we get back to regular work.

retro board

Retro board
retro discussion
Retro discussion

After the retrospective, a lot of us started on prep work for the next day. Himesh wrote up the Day 1 blog. Taqi and Beulah sorted the T-shirts that we were about to distribute. Nupoor and Himesh labelled them. Utkarsh and Achala started detailing out the next day's schedule. Sachin got a bike and traveled with Nupoor to get some beach shirts to wear for the next day. I spent some time working on the roadmap.


NGO partners had started coming in by this time. Some were here for lunch, some for tea and others for dinner. We spent some time with everyone near the sea before breaking for dinner.

relax by the sea

Relaxing by the sea

Everyone is now rested and ready for the most interesting days of the conference.

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