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Avni is a flexible platform suitable for most type of fieldwork. You can translate complete design of your fieldwork program for beneficiaries or non-living objects (like water body) into the platform. Once you define this using a web browser interface, Avni would instantiate your customised working field application based on it.

Model complete program into a working field app

Define data model, context specific counselling hints or work tips, computed data fields, and encounter/visit protocols.

Flexible data model

Define subjects (beneficiary or non-living objects), various interaction types with these subjects and grouping of these interactions under programs. Each of these are supported via user defined forms. Link beneficiaries to each other via relationships.

Fully featured forms

All common data types, skip logic, geolocation, multi-media, calculated fields and validation support.

Work schedule management

Protocol based and manual visit management, with on device dashboard to manage work.

Carry your complete data on mobile, use even without Internet

Each field staff has their full required data available to them with complete functionality.

Centralised database with reporting and analytics platform

Each field staff saves data centrally to be used for analysis and monitoring by program management team. Use visualisations, excel downloads and filters.

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