Release announcement - October 2022

October 20, 2022 by The Avni Team

Happy Diwali to you !!!

Release 3.35 is now live. This release includes minor changes and bug fixes to the application. Notable changes are given below. Please see the detailed release notes for more information.

Notable Changes

Web Application

  • Add flags for Glific messaging (WIP)
  • Auto populate is not working if all form elements are read only
  • Adding middle name without a regex fails the app designer

Field App

  • Support ids in custom links
  • Allow refresh of cards on custom dashboard
  • Unable to add member to a household in staging
  • App does not parse some valid ISO8601 formats


Additions for the new Glific message integration feature (WIP) Fix user csv upload to ensure blank sync settings are added Unable to set group role to concept of type GroupAffiliation in form (Deployed as part of 3.34.1) Voided form mappings should not fail the app Include location types in metadata zip

Component release notes

What are we focussed on

The priorities on Avni are still the same as we discussed in release 3.35. However, the work involved in upgrading the Android field app is taking time. We believe that the most important pieces of the puzzle have been solved, and it is mostly a matter of driving this to completion.

As a result, we have put a brake on the other two objectives, and are going full-steam on the upgrade.

We will continue to have minor bug fixes that help in solving immediate problems, or are essential for implementations.