Getting Started

If you want Avni implemented for your organisation, Avni is available on the cloud. Please signup here. If you want to host Avni your self this page is for you.

avni is composed of4user components

Mobile app - for field providers

Browser app - for system administration

Browser app - for data entry user

Reporting and dashboard - for program management

5 Steps to set up Avni

Step 1

Set up the infrastructure

Use Samanvay's cloud service

Easiest way to get started. No need to setup servers and manage uptime - all the heavy lifting is taken care of for you. Avni is available as self-serviceable service (i.e. setup everything yourself). Please signup from here. After provision you can do a most of implementation work on your own.

On your own server

You can deploy Avni yourself. The documentation is here. If you need help you can contact us via Email, Gitter or this website.

Step 2

Configure your application

  • Checkout Avni implementation guide and Environment setup guides
  • Define your application schema using subject types, programs and encounter types
  • Configure the forms, for each one of above, with skip logic, validation and decision support rules
  • Write visit/encounter schedule rules

Step 3

Set up users and translations for them

  • Define the catchments and locations you operate in
  • Create test users and assign their catchments
  • Create translation for the users if you require

Step 4

Test your application

  • Install the app from the play store. Login using the credentials created.
  • Test the app. Makes changes to step 2 & 3. Re-sync and test again.

Step 5

Deploy and use

  • Deploy the app to production
  • Create production users and start using
  • Create reports, exports and dashboard

Get in touch

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you get setup.