Create app exactly like your program

Design your program data, processes and protocols. Define person, household, groups, programs and interactions. Much more than forms and case management.

Data model 1 example screenshotData model 2 example screenshotData model 3 example screenshotData model 4 example screenshot

Counsel your beneficiaries

Let the app guide your fieldwork

Counselling example 1 screenshotCounselling example 2 screenshot

Take attendance

Define any type of group and capture member's attendance easily


Powerful forms

Define cases, services and each visit's data format

Skip LogicCalculated Field

Customisable search. System generated identifiers.

Work schedule management

Automated visit scheduling with manual control. Dashboard to manage all your work

Scheduling encounter in futureView scheduled encountersMy dashboard

Centralised database

Monitor, analyse, generate reports, download data extracts, longitudinal exports

Longitudinal export

Design everything yourself

Design forms, data model via browser

Form designerList of formsDifferent subject types

Data security and access control

Detailed access control. OTP support.

Access control setup

Algorithmic decision support

Add your own algorithms to assist the field workers


All features available even without the Internet

Multiple language support

Multiple languages per implementation. Translations management system.

Leverage other's programs

Copy another implementation and then change

Health specific features

Avni has certain features, that can be turned on, for health implementations.

Child growth charts as per WHO standard

Child growth charts

Child immunisation schedule

Manage standard vaccinations. Add your own vaccinations.

Child immunisation management

Use Cases

Most social sector work, done by NGO and Governments ultimately rests on the field workers providing service to the communities. Avni aims to support almost all field work.

Service delivery

Organisations provide direct services to the beneficiaries they serve (e.g. community health service)

Service facilitation

Helping beneficiaries in accessing the services provided by government or large institutions (e.g. ensuring institutional delivery, enrolling in government programmes)

Data collection

Collect data on an individual/object (e.g. learning assessment of students, water body servicing details).

Following are some of the existing use cases of Avni. Also check out case studies and usage statistics.

Maternal and Child Health

In health this has been the most common use-case. Avni for MCH has been used primarily at the ASHA/Village/Slum level for service delivery. For maternal program the usage spans from conception to PNC.

Sickle Cell Screening and Treatment Initiation

Avni helped manage the process of screening population for sickle cell disease, conducting lab tests, track lab results and connect with treatment if required.

Common Cancer Screening and Referral

Avni was used to screen people for common cancers (oral, breast and cervical) and refer them for hospital examination if found suspect.

Adolescent care

Track health, personal development and risk indicators of male and female adolescents - in schools and villages. Provide counselling, health advice and iron supplements for those identified as vulnerable or at risk.

Monitoring of dam de-silting work

Collect data to help in monitoring the progress of dam de-silting work happening in multiple districts.