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I do not know how to setup Avni myself, how to I find the service provider?

Avni is quite easy to set up. We are happy to help you in finding an implementation provider of Avni for you at your site. We also offer a hosted option that runs on the Cloud and can configure a system for you within a week. Please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page to reach out to us. If you know of a service provider that you would like to work with, we can help them learn about Avni.

How much would an implementation of Avni cost?

Avni is open source so there is no license cost for the software. But there are other costs for - implementation, hosting and ongoing user support. Implementation is usually one time activity of configuring application as per your needs on the platform. When you want to start using the application then you will need hosting and perhaps ongoing user support. In order to understand the details of these cost please contact us avni-project@googlegroups.com - as the cost depends on the complexity of the implementation, number of users and workloads.

I want to implement Avni, where should I start from

The getting started page is for this purpose. You can start from there and go through the documentation. The documentation currently is to only get you started, after which you please contact us on Gitter channel or using the Contact us form below.

What is the typical running cost of Avni on a monthly basis?

Please check all the technical components of Avni here. Quite likely you will need to run all three components - server, database and reporting platform. AWS Cognito is used from the AWS cloud. If you plan to run of the servers on a single machine you would need a server with at least 8 GB RAM and 4 core CPU (or vCPU) for production environment. If you plan to run them separately then you will need to set up a server of 2 core and 4 GB RAM each (reporting platform could do with a slightly lower configuration). This excludes backups and replication, which you can setup according to your needs. Typical running cost for you on AWS infrastructure with reserved instances could be around - 12,000 rupees a month (excluding the cost of people involved in managing the system).

Open source and license

If Avni is open-source, then why do I have to pay for it?

You do not have to pay anything for the software. It is freely available. Please see more details on the about page. The pricing is for the cloud hosted service.

Can I make modifications to Avni?

Yes you can, under the provisions of AGPL 3 license.

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