FAQ (frequently asked questions)

I do not know how to setup Avni myself, how to I find the service provider?

Currently Samanvay also does implementation of Avni. Avni team is in process of on boarding other service providers. But if you know some service provider that may be interested in implementing Avni for you then Avni team can help them too.

How much would an implementation of Avni cost?

Avni is open source so there is no license cost for the software. But there are other costs for - implementation, hosting and ongoing user support. Implementation is usually one time activity of configuring application as per your needs on the platform. When you want to start using the application then you will need hosting and perhaps ongoing user support. In order to understand the details of these cost please contact us avni-project@googlegroups.com - as the cost depends on the complexity of the implementation, number of users and workloads.

I want to implement Avni, where should I start from

The getting started page is for this purpose. You can start from there and go through the documentation. The documentation currently is to only get you started, after which you please contact us on Gitter channel or using the Contact us form below.

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