Major Release Announcement - August 2023

August 21, 2023 by The Avni Team

Major Release 4.0.0 is now live, it includes the following modifications to the Avni application

Fine-grained access control in Avni
Fine-grained access control in Avni

Fine-grained access control in the Avni application

We have always wanted to have fine-grained controls in the Avni application. This would enable organisations to grant users privileges for specific functionalities without exposing other critical operations. Ex: Allow a user to upload a transactional data file without providing him access to the "App Designer" capabilities. Read more about "Access Control" here.

Major enhancements to the integration-service module

We have added support for the following capabilities in integration-service

  • Multi-tenancy for every organisation-specific module
  • Meta-data migration for an organisation across different tenants of the same module

Check out the Avni integration design and developer guide here.

Major enhancements in the ETL application

We have added support to process data of the following types in our ETL application:

  • GroupSubjects (Household as well as Generic GroupSubjects)
  • RepeatableQuestionGroups
  • SyncTelemetry
  • Users

Read full documentation of Avni ETL service here.

Minor bug fixes

There have also been minor bug fixes and UI/UX improvements. Please see the component release notes linked at the end for more information.

What's next?

There are some major security and core-plugin upgrades on which we have been working for a while that will be released next. Notable ones include:

  • Enhanced Security of Avni Web End-Points
  • Encryption of the Avni-client Database
  • Upgrade of the React-Native version

Product release notes

Please see the detailed release notes for more information.

Component release notes