Reflections from the Udaipur Sprint - A Blend of Productivity and Joy

July 18, 2023 by Nupoor Khandelwal

Team Avni team pic

Last week, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend the Udaipur Sprint.The event was at the beautiful Justa Sajjangarh, surrounded by green mountains and a stunning view of the Monsoon Palace. As a remote team, this sprint provided us with a chance to come together, work side by side, and forge stronger connections.

The experience was truly remarkable, and in this blog post, I would like to share some of the memorable moments and highlights from our time together.

ViewsFromJusta Views from Justa Sajjangarh

Coming Together with Defined Goals:

The sprint kicked off with a clear focus on personal and team-level goals. We set out to achieve specific milestones and made significant progress towards them during the Sprint.The dedication and commitment of each team member were truly commendable, and it fueled our collective success.

Insights into Our Lives:

One of the standout sessions was when we shared how our typical days unfold, shedding light on our roles. This exercise not only allowed us to reveal our professional and personal approaches to work but also facilitated a deeper understanding of each other's routines, work hours, and priorities. It created a stronger bond within the team.

Informative Talks:

We had insightful tech talks delivered from Social Bytes, The Agency Fund and the Tech4Dev team from our nonprofit ecosystem. Their expertise and experiences showcased the impactful work being done in the sector. Within the Avni team, we had engaging sessions on crucial subjects like Sync strategies and Avni models, and a walkthrough on moving existing Jasper reports to ETL as well.

WorkSessions Work sessions

Engaging Field Visits:

Our visit to Aajeevika Bureau, witnessing their incredible work in legal awareness and advocacy within the labor sector and mainly with migrant workers, left a lasting impression. Their work starts with identifying issues, finding solutions along with the Government, and conducting various training programs. These programs consist of customized courses in order to provide training towards different employment skills. Their dedication and the vast scope of their initiatives are truly remarkable.

Mesmerizing Moments:

The scenic beauty of Udaipur left us spellbound, and a boat ride on Lake Pichola was a highlight of our time together. The tranquil waters, coupled with the majestic views, created an unforgettable experience. It served as a reminder of the importance of finding joy and rejuvenation amidst our professional pursuits.

LakePichola Views from the boat ride at Lake Pichola

Brainstorming for Efficiency:

Our sprint concluded with sessions on ease of implementation and process reviews for each role. These brainstorming sessions generated innovative ideas and strategies to enhance our work efficiency. They provided a platform for collaborative discussions and empowered us to identify areas for improvement.

ProcessReview Process Reviews

Meaningful Feedback:

An important goal of the sprint was to exchange one-on-one feedback in person. This activity proved to be intriguing and valuable as we gained insights into the challenges faced by each team member. Understanding these difficulties fostered empathy and opened avenues for collaboration and support. It was an essential step in nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and growth.


The Udaipur Sprint was a wonderful event that allowed us to connect, learn, and be inspired. It was a memorable experience that has motivated us to continue making a positive difference in our work. We're excited to bring this renewed enthusiasm and perspective back to our roles and continue our journey as a strong and united team.

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