Udaipur Sprint (Vinay)

July 18, 2023 by Vinay Venu

It feels like yesterday that we had our Goa sprint. I was surprised when I started getting emails about the Udaipur sprint.

Then I remembered that its been a while, a lot has happened since then. We've had three new members join Avni. The product and the team had changed in structure. It was definitely time for us to meet up in person and keep the life going at Avni.

team pic A team pic

In the last sprint, the primary focus was to understand our users. This meant sessions about important implementations by implementers, sessions by NGOs about their programs and a discussion around the roadmap for 2023. We also had fun sessions, long walks by the beach etc. The blogs on the Goa sprint should give a good idea about this.

One of our objectives in this sprint was to understand the product better. The current Avni age of most of the team is under 1 year, which means it is useful to open up some of the areas of the product that are a black box to everyone, but very important for everyone to understand.

The other important objective of this sprint was to smoothen out process and workflow issues in the team. Other than new members in the team, we had incorporated several new process changes as well. On the product side, we moved out from Zenhub to Github projects with a semi-stable roadmap. On the implementation side, new processes were created to handle support tickets, and some changes were made for new implementations. New roles were created. It was important for everyone to understand their own roles responsibilities that came with it.

I wish we had more time, as we were blocked quite a bit by some end-user delivery obligations and people falling sick during the sprint. My only misgiving is that we had a view of the monsoon palace from the hotel room window, a 4 km walk if they allowed walking, but could never get there. Here's a picture of it from the restaurant where I am writing this down.

monsoon palace Monsoon palace from the hotel

And some pics of what we happened during the sprint

field visit Field Visit to Ajeevika Bureau

pairing session Focused pairing

team outing Team Outing

eat out Eating out