Major Release announcement - July 2023

July 05, 2023 by The Avni Team

Release 3.40.0 is now live.

Notable Changes

Media Viewer

The web console has a new member - Media Viewer !!! The Media Viewer helps view all the media that you have uploaded in the app - pics, videos etc, and lets you filter and download these images in bulk. It is available for all organisation admins on organisations that have enabled analytics. Media will be available under one hour after upload to the Avni server.

See the documentation for more details. Please take a look, and provide feedback. If you see anything missing, you can report it here.

media viewer home screen Media Viewer on the home screen

media viewer Media Viewer screen

Optional Last Name

Last names are optional now. Mark "Last Name optional" on the subject type, and it will show up as optional.

Optional Last name

Show and persist Custom Dashboard Filters

You will now be able to see the filters that have been applied on CustomDashboard cards. These are also persisted across app relaunches, until the user effects a change manually or there is a change in the Dashboard filter configuration coming in as part of a sync.

Show and persist Custom Dashboard filters

What else is happening in Avni?

In 4.0.0, we will be completing the first set of work for Access control of the web application and App Designer. There are quite a few other small items that are being worked on.

Additionally, there are some changes in the Avni processes, which includes release naming conventions, release processes, a public product roadmap handling and communications. The purpose of these changes is to provide more visibility into the inner workings of product releases. You can read more about it in this blog .

Special mentions

Rudresh Shrotriya and Brajesh Kumar from ColoredCow for their work on the Media Viewer.

Component release notes

Please see the detailed release notes for more information.