A review of 2022

January 12, 2023 by The Avni Team

The New year is here, and with it the customary retrospection of the year that just went by. Lets take a look at the what happened in Avni last year.

Impact numbers

Here is a quick view of the numbers.

  • New beneficiaries added: 4,74,798 (vs 3,48,043 in 2021)
  • Total number of beneficiaries: 11,65,370
  • New service instances provided using Avni: 10,42,628 (vs 8,08,192 in 2019)
  • Total number of service instances: 27,91,505
  • New users added: 4,875 (vs 1,001 in 2019)
  • Total users till date: 8,063

new beneficiaries service instances new users

Growth in Trust & Sustainability

This year 10 new projects and 9 new NGOs decided to use Avni.

Save the children was already using for one project. With positive experience from there, the organisation decided to use Avni for another usecase / project related to COVID vaccination. Apart from this, Goonj, Lend A Hand India, Piramal Foundation, Leadership for Equity, Indus action, SEARCH, Institute of Public Health And Azim Premji Foundation are the new NGOs who chose Avni.

This takes the count of NGOs using Avni to 42. An interesting pattern we noticed was in the change in the scale at which NGOs adopting Avni operate. Many of them are operating at multi-state level and even working with government. Rejuvenating Waterbodies project along with the app developed on Avni is adopted by NITI aayog.

Growth in Capability

In order to support both new and existing users of Avni, many new features have been added in 2022.

To ease the workflow of users of the app, we now have Quick Edit of forms (directly jump to the page that you want to edit), jump to summary from any page while filling in a form and the addition of custom fields on the search results screen.

To provide more context to the user, Avni now has help-text/documentation for form elements, autocompletes for location type elements, and the ability to add colour to questions.

To improve the power of the system, we now have canned analytics, media access from reports, validations on csv uploads, new mechanisms of sync using registration fields and direct assignment, migration of subjects from one catchment to another, tasks, call masking, and customizable menus. New question types - the timed question form and the encounter data type were added to Avni.

Team changes

Many new people joined Avni this year, while some parted ways. Utkarsh Hathi, Himesh Lokhande, Achala Belokar, Mohammed Taqi Afsar, Mahalakshme Shridhar and Beulah Evanjalin joined the Avni team in the past year while Hiren Thacker, Garima Dosar and Vinod Deolal decided to move on. By the end of the year, the team has 3 more members than at the beginning of the year. The current team strength is 10 people.

Other activities

The entire team attended the Tech4dev sprint at Garudmaachi near Pune where we interacted with several NGOs in the education space. Additionally, we also attended the next sprint at Dehradun. We also represented Avni at the IndiaFoss 2.0 meetup in Bangalore.


  • SaaS Revenue : ₹25,95,280
  • Revenue from projects : ₹1,00,51,277
  • Grants raised : ₹25,00,000
  • Expenses : ₹1,58,64,712
  • Sustainability : 95.47%