Release announcement - May 2022

May 30, 2022 by The Avni Team

New features

Name help text for the subject

Now help text can be configured for the subject name. This text will be useful in case subject name accepts a particular format.

Subject type help text

Configuring subject type to display name help text

Profile Picture

Profile picture can be uploaded for each subject in their registration form. This can be enabled by simply enabling "Allow profile picture" option in the subject type. Profile picture is shown in the subject dashboard and search result page. This feature will be useful to distinguish the subjects having the same name.

Profile pic registration

Uploading profile picture in registration

Profile pic

Subject dashboard

Location edit via CSV upload

Now location upload supports the edit mode, using which admins can edit an existing location. Id of the existing location needs to be passed in the CSV for edit to work. Default mode is create and it'll continue to work as earlier.

location mode

OTP retries for skipping mobile number verification changed to two.

Earlier you can skip the mobile number verification after three retries. This is now changed to two retries.

Bug Fixes

  • Android app - Fix the app crashing if register+enrol option is enabled and there are subjects without program.
  • Server - Metadata zip to include sync attributes.