Release announcement - April 2022

May 04, 2022 by The Avni Team

New features

Multiple sync strategies

Earlier Avni is used to provide only catchment based sync strategies where subjects would sync to the offline android app based subject's registered location and the catchment assigned to user. Now Avni provides more options on the subjects can sync to the user

  • Subject's Locations and Users Catchment
  • Direct Assignment to Users
  • Subject Attributes

Read more about the feature and how to configure it in the Avni readme.

Sync settings

Merging profile and general tab

If there are no programs, then separate tabs for the profile and general visit will not show. All the data will be visible in one screen.

Also in case of one Program or one Encounter setup for any subject type users will have the access to it in the main screen.

Profile General

Automatically approve the records during csv upload

If approval feature is enabled for any form, users can now auto approve the records by simply enabling the "Approve automatically" checkbox during the csv upload.

Auto approve