Release announcement - Quick edit in forms, Custom fields in search results

February 02, 2022 by The Avni Team

New features

Quick edit in forms

Many times, some fields in the form are not available, and will be filled later during the form edit. This feature allows users to jump directly to any page in the form and change the record in that page. This will save a lot of time as now users don't have to go through all the pages.

Jump to summary

Enabling this feature allows user to directly jump to summary page skipping the middle pages.

Custom fields in search results

Avni app has the capability to search by many fields, but the results do not show any of these fields. Using this feature one can add additional fields in the search result.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Entry App - Fixed the issue with rules accessing group subjects.
  • Data Entry App - Fixed the completed encounters filter not working.
  • Admin App - LoginIDS with different suffix can be created via upload.
  • Admin App - Longitudinal export date field is always on UTC format.
  • App Designer - Form mapping cannot be removed for Cancel form.
  • App Designer - When a coded concept is edited, last modified name does not change.
  • Field App - New button on my dashboard to change the date to today.
  • Field App - Sync fails when a subject with more than one enrolment migrates away.