Release announcement - Improved longitudinal exports

July 26, 2021 by The Avni Team

Note: There is no update to the Android app.

What's new:

Enhancements to Longitudinal Export

  • Date filter for all types of report
  • Exclude records for which the concerned forms are not filled
  • Include Audit details like username, date created and date modified in all exports
  • Provide an export for Group members

Other changes

  • Add Relative Bug Fixes in Data Entry App
  • Enhancements to custom app (extensions) feature to plugin apps like custom prints

Metabase Enhancements and Bug Fixes The new version of Metabase comes with a Explore results button on saved SQL questions. This helps you to easily analyze the data from SQL based questions. There are many other small enhancements and bug fixes making it further easier to use Metabase.