Release announcement - Comments Workflow, Audio, Fast sync and more..

May 10, 2021 by The Avni Team

A new release of Avni field app and Avni admin app is available.

The latest version of the field app available on playstore is 3.14.0.

What's new:

Comments workflow

This is an issue resolution mechanism provided by Avni which helps to fix the mistakes in the record. Comment workflow helps a supervisor to pinpoint the exact subject for which data correction is required. This saves time and confusion by not having to use proxies like household number, gender, etc or tools like whatsapp or phone to communicate with field users what correction is required and where. The feature needs to be enabled from admin.

Audio data type in Forms

While Avni already had support for media data types like image and video, we have now added support for audio data type as well. Some common use cases could be to record interviews, beneficiary consent, etc.

Improvements to DEA - Add support for media elements and marking phone numbers verified

As you are continuing to use the data entry app (DEA) for different use cases and we are receiving feedback, we are continuing to improve DEA. DEA now support all media elements - image, video and audio both in the forms and accessing already recorded ones. For the phone numbers which are not marked as verified in the field they can be now marked as verified in the back office using DEA.

Fast Sync

When setting up Avni freshly on an android device the first-time sync can take a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of data for the catchment. To make this process faster there is now an option to set up fast sync for a catchment.

News broadcast

Admins can now compose a message along with a picture and broadcast it to all the users. This would be useful to share monthly newsletters, share good work done by a field user to motivate others, any updates to SOPs and so on. This along with the comments feature are expected to increase the engagement between the backoffice team and the frontline workers and improve fieldwork and data quality.

More validations

Particular fields on the subject can be validated in the device for uniqueness.

Metabase Upgrade

We have also upgraded Metabase to the latest version. You would notice the search is now much improved.

The release also includes some minor enhancements and bug fixes. More notes can be found here. Detailed documentation for most of the features mentioned above can be found here.