Release announcement - Data Entry App, Offline Reports, Usage Analytics

February 03, 2021 by The Avni Team

A new release of Avni field app and Avni admin app is available.

The latest version of the field app available on playstore is 3.10.0.

What's new:

This release brings you the following big features and enhancements

Online Data Entry App

Please check out the feature video here and do start using it if you haven't already. In case you face any issues and would like anything more there, do not hesitate to bring it to our notice via support ticket.

Reports and Dashboard in Offline Field App

The features add the ability to configure and show indicator-based reports and dashboard to field users. Check out the feature video here. If you think this would be useful and would like it to be configured for your project, do raise a support ticket with specific details and we can take it from there.

Analytics and Insights about Usage of App

We are collecting more data from user actions in-app and device info like device model, network strength, memory available, battery level, etc. This will help us in troubleshooting and research and development to provide a better experience to users. In case you require information for training and support to users in your project, do reach out to us via support ticket for setting up reports for you.

Ability to schedule encounters on other subjects

E.g 1. based on a visit on mother a visit can be scheduled on a child 2. Based on a visit on household/group schedule a visit for a specific member of the household/group.

Ability to void/delete subjects, encounter and program encounters from Data Entry App

Highlighting this specific feature of Data Entry App as it is commonly required for data correction.

The release also includes some minor enhancements and bug fixes. More notes can be found here and here.