Release announcement - App Designer, Household and more...

May 29, 2020 by The Avni Team

A new release of Avni field app and Avni admin app is available.

The latest version of the field app available on playstore is 3.7.6.

What's new:

This release brings you following 5 big features

App Designer

App designer allows one to design the complete app using screens on the web interface. Right now, for certain activities like writing rules, coding knowledge is required which we hope to get rid of soon.

To use the app designer one has to access the web app and log in using admin credentials.



With groups feature you can now create a group of subjects e.g. self help group, a training batch, etc. You can add individual subjects as members into groups. You can enrol the group into programs and also record encounters against groups. Soon we will be adding a feature to record attendance in group meetings.

Household (Family Folder)

When talking about community and field work, household/family is one of the basic units. This has been much in waiting and finally we have the native support for this in Avni. Avni field app provides a workflow that's well suited to how households are typically recorded and surveys done against them. Technically households in Avni are a special type of group. So all the functions mentioned above for groups can be done for households as well.

Check out this video demonstrating the household feature. And do like, subscribe and share the youtube channel :)

Access Control

Avni now has a way that you can assign permissions to user groups. This enables controlling access of specific functions to users. This serves use-cases like hierarchy of field workers having different levels of access and different responsibilities; or different fieldworkers handling different programs. The permissions are quite granular so you can control whether someone can edit a form or just submit a new form, so on and so forth.

Web interface for data upload

Legacy data can now be uploaded directly from the web interface using CSV files.


The release also includes some minor enhancements and bug fixes.