Announcing Avni Cloud

May 25, 2020 by The Avni Team

While we started almost 4 years back to create a community health platform, in the last two years our ideas of what Avni should be, became more crystallised. We recognised two things - community health work is only a slightly more specific case of many types of fieldwork. Secondly, we understood that we were not creating a data collection tool but a next-generation fieldwork platform - that caters to most needs of any field worker. Avni now is used in a number of use cases across sectors. Now we are announcing the beginning of a new chapter for Avni which we are calling Avni Cloud - ability to create your own implementation. If you want to get started please visit the subscription page.

Avni platform is designed for a wide number of use cases. So to shape Avni as per the needs of each organisation/project, Avni team used to do short customisation projects to roll out applications for them. Now, these customisations can be done by anyone, without necessarily engaging Avni team (of course we will be there if needed). You can use the web browser interface, for everything you need to customise in Avni, by yourself. Following customisations or setup are usually required on Avni. We have also indicated how you can do them. Some of the tasks can be completed by anyone, for a few tasks you may need to know JavaScript and SQL. But all the tasks can be done using web browser including the one requiring JavaScript and SQL.

  • Designing your data formats and forms. [UI]
  • Implement skip logic via simple JavaScript code [JavaScript]. We plan to provide a user interface based approach for this, soon, along with JavaScript.
  • Define your master data like work areas, users, access control. [UI]
  • Define rules using JavaScript for visit schedules, calculated fields etc. [JavaScript]
  • Export data in excel for analysis. [UI]
  • Create your own reports using the reporting service (based on metabase). [SQL]

Please use the implementer’s guide to understand how to implement Avni for your needs - For signing up please check the pricing and signup. We are offering a really affordable plan given the needs of social sector.

Once you subscribe, we will create an account for you and then you can do the rest of the tasks above by yourself. Once you start there are following help available for you: